Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

The Problem: Enlarged breasts in men is a condition known as Gynecomastia. This condition can start in adolescence and persist through adulthood, or can develop in an older man due to steroid abuse, weight gain and hormonal imbalance or as a side effect of certain medications.
The Goal: Fortunately, male breast reduction surgery can correct the problem of enlarged breasts and offer men greater peace of mind.
The Procedure: Male breasts can be reduced with the help of liposuction, as well as surgical removal of the breasts. Usually ultrasonic liposuction is used to more easily remove the breast tissue and associated fat. Most of the time this can be performed through limited incisions that leave inconspicuous scars.

Surgical Overview
Length: Usually 1-2 hours.
Anesthesia: General (asleep).
Hospital Stay: Usually outpatient.
Side Effects: Discomfort, swelling, transient altered nipple sensitivity.
Risks: Bleeding, infection, risks of anesthesia, permanent nipple insensitivity and scarring.
Recovery: May have drains removed in the following week. Patient may be instructed to wear a compression vest for two months to aid in the skin re-draping process. Patients can usually resume most activities within two weeks and should be able to perform chest exercises and heavy lifting by eight weeks.
Duration of Results: Can be permanent.

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