Contouring After Weight Loss

Contouring After Weight Loss

The Problem: For the more than 10 million Americans suffering from morbid obesity, weight loss surgery (or gastric bypass) has become increasingly viewed as an important method of inducing massive weight loss. In most cases of massive weight loss, the patient is left with excess, baggy skin.
The Goal: Dr. Goodwin can address the problem of stretched out, redundant skin by offering innovative body contouring procedures that allow patients to feel good about their new bodies.
The Procedure: With the careful mapping of tissue and the use of new shaping techniques, Dr. Goodwin can reduce the overall bulk of sagging skin, giving a more pleasing appearance to the body. Dr. Goodwin can provide updated and innovative methods that adjust treatment according to body type for improved results and enhanced shape of patients’ bodies.

If you have excess, baggy skin due to massive weight loss, Dr. Goodwin can discuss with you the latest options for restoring a natural-looking, pleasing contour to the body. These include tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift and sometimes liposuction with or without fat injection (Brazilian Butt Lift).

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