Breast Aug Simulator

Breast Augmentation Simulator



Axis Three Technology

See NOW what you could look like AFTER Surgery

Make more informed, more confident decisions utilizing Axis Three – 3D technology and find the solution that is best for you.

Axis Three enables you to see what you could look like after surgery, before surgery.

With Axis Three you can make more informed, more confident decisions about breast augmentation procedures and work with your healthcare professional to find the solution that best fits.

During your consultation your 3D image is captured in just seconds. Then, working with your surgeon or a staff member you can see the possible outcomes of your surgery and view plastic surgery before and after –on your own 3D body image.

If you are considering breast augmentation you can try on different implant sizes and types  while viewing them from any angle. We welcome you to try on different implants, compare them side by side with your “before” image and choose the implant size and type that’s right for you.

Axis Three’s Portrait 3D Surgical Simulation Platform enables surgeons to visually communicate and collaborate on the outcomes of cosmetic surgical procedures by using the patient’s own image presented in photo-realistic 3D.