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Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is an extremely personal choice. Regardless of the
procedure you choose, our goal at is to help you see yourself as you’ve
always wanted to be.

The growing interest in this type of surgery stems from the dramatic results
it produces in patients seeking to enlarge, lift, reconstruct, or reduce the
size of their breasts. Its popularity can also be attributed to many new
modifications and improvements in the surgery itself.

We will discuss with you all of the leading-edge options and surgical
methods for a range of breast surgeries, including:
•        Breast enhancement (Augmentation with Implants)
•        Breast lift (Mastopexy)
•        Breast reduction
•        Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia)

Breast Enhancement (Augmentation with

Each day, women just like you seize opportunities to better themselves,
their outlook on life, and the way they feel by first making the decision to
change.  One of the decisions that an increasing number of women are
choosing to make is breast augmentation.  Breast augmentation offers you
the unique opportunity to transform your breasts’ size, volume, and shape,
resulting in a flattering new you.  Many women make the personal choice
of breast augmentation to enhance their figures, balance body proportions,
or simply feel more confident about their appearance.

Breast augmentation involves placing an implant either beneath the breast
tissue or beneath the muscle and breast tissue.  Incisions may be in the
areola (the dark skin around the nipple), in the fold beneath the breast, or
the axilla (armpit).  Implants are made of silicone or saline.  Together, you
and Dr. Goodwin will determine which of these is the most appropriate

Surgical Overview
•        Length: 1-2 hours.
•        Anesthesia: General (asleep).
•        In/outpatient: Outpatient
•        Side effects: Temporary soreness, swelling, change in nipple
sensation, bruising. Breast sensitive to stimulation for a few weeks.
•        Risks: Lack of implant permanence -- surgical removal or
replacement of the implants may be required to treat problems, including:
deflation; the formation of scar tissue around the implant (capsular
contracture), which may cause the breast to feel tight or hard; bleeding; or
infection.  Increase or decrease in sensitivity of nipples or breast skin,
occasionally permanent.  Mammography requires a special technique.
•        Recovery: May have draining 1-2 days.  Back to work: a few
days.  Physical contact with breasts: 3 to 4 weeks.  Fading of scars:
several months to a year or more.
•        Duration of Results: Variable.  Implants may require removal or

If you’re considering breast augmentation, Dr. Goodwin can give you an
informed understanding of the procedure, surgical techniques, and the
satisfying results you can expect.  Make your consultation appointment
today by calling (561) 655-6622.

Dr. Goodwin often uses
3-D imaging in the consultation to give you an
idea of what you can achieve with breast enhancement.  For more
information on
3-D imaging click here.

Breast Lift

Every woman experiences inevitable life events that cause the breasts to
lose their shape and firmness. Multiple pregnancies, loss of skin elasticity
due to aging, loss of breast volume, and gravity are several factors that
result in sagging breasts.

Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure performed to elevate and
reshape sagging breasts and reposition the nipple to a more desirable size.
This procedure can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin
surrounding the nipple.

Women who are non-smokers, physically healthy, and realistic in their
expectations about the surgery are the best candidates for the procedure.
Breast lift may also be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.
Using breast implants, breast augmentation can give additional lift to the
breast by increasing its volume.

Surgical Overview
•        Length: 1 to 3 hours.
•        Anesthesia: General (asleep).
•        In/outpatient: Outpatient.
•        Side effects: Temporary bruising, swelling, discomfort, numbness,
dry breast skin, permanent scars, reduced ability to provide breast milk.
•        Risks: Thick, wide scars, fluid collection skin loss, infection,
unevenly positioned nipples, permanent loss of feeling in nipples or breast.
•        Recovery: May have draining 1-2 days.  Back to work: one week
or more. Strenuous activities: one month. Fading of scars: several months
to a year.
•        Duration of results: Variable. Gravity, pregnancy, aging, and weight
changes may cause new sagging.  Results may last longer or be enhanced
when breast implants are inserted as part of the procedure.

If you’re considering breast lift surgery, Dr. Goodwin can give you an
informed understanding of the procedure, surgical techniques, and the
satisfying results you can expect.  Make your consultation appointment
today by calling (561) 655-6622.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

Breast Reduction

Oversized breasts, a distressing source of neck, back and shoulder pain,
skin irritation, and a variety of other medical problems, can prevent a
woman from having the healthy, functional lifestyle she wants to live.
Women with excessively heavy breasts are also limited in the types of
clothing they can wear and physical activities they can perform.

Breast reduction surgery is sought by many women to relieve the mental
distress, physical restrictions, and painful strain on other parts of the body
caused by excessively heavy breasts. Technically called reduction
mammaplasty, breast reduction involves removal of excess breast tissue to
reshape and lift the breasts. The result is smaller, lighter, more natural-
shaped breasts that are in better proportion with the rest of your body.

Because of the functional problems associated with extremely large
breasts, insurance will often cover the cost of this surgery.

Surgical Overview
•        Length: 3-4 hours.
•        Anesthesia: General (asleep).
•        In/outpatient: Outpatient or inpatient.
•        Side effects: Swelling, edema, altered nipple sensation, bruising.
•        Risks: Bleeding, infection, fluid collection, risks of anesthesia,
scarring, wound breakdown, unevenly positioned nipples.
•        Recovery: May have draining 1-2 days.  Back to non-strenuous
work activity within two weeks; active exercise usually after four weeks.
•        Duration of results: Can be permanent.

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, Dr. Goodwin can give you
an informed understanding of the procedure, surgical techniques, and the
satisfying results you can expect.  Make your consultation appointment
today by calling (561) 655-6622.

Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Male Breast Reduction is a very common cosmetic procedure among men
who have enlarged breasts, a condition known as Gynecomastia. This
condition can start in adolescence and may persist throughout adulthood,
or can develop in an older man due to steroid abuse, weight gain,
hormonal imbalance, or a side effect certain medications.

Fortunately, Male Breast Reduction surgery can correct the problem of
enlarged breasts and offer men greater peace of mind. Male breasts can
be reduced with the help of liposuction as well as surgical removal of the
breasts. Usually ultrasonic liposuction is used to more easily remove the
breast tissue and associated fat. Most of the time this can be performed
through limited incisions that leave inconspicuous scars.

Patients can resume most activities within two weeks, and should be able
to perform chest exercises and heavy lifting by eight weeks.

Surgical Overview
•        Length: 1.2 hours.
•        Anesthesia: General (asleep)
•        In/outpatient: Outpatient
•        Side effects: Discomfort, swelling, transient altered nipple sensitivity.
•        Risks: Bleeding, infection, risks of anesthesia, permanent nipple
insensitivity and scarring.
•        Recovery: May have drains removed in the following week.  You
may be instructed to wear a compression vest for two months to aid in the
skin re-draping process.
•        Duration of results: Can be permanent

If you’re considering male breast reduction surgery, Dr. Goodwin can give
you an informed understanding of the procedure, surgical techniques, and
the satisfying results you can expect.  Make your consultation appointment
today by calling (561) 655-6622.

Breast Reconstruction

The most common reason patients undergo breast reconstruction is
following surgical removal of the breast for cancer (mastectomy). Other
reasons may include congenital or traumatic deformities, or any medical
condition that may result in a breast deformity.

Even though breast reconstruction is a patient's choice and therefore, an
elective surgery, it is still reconstruction. It is usually covered by health
insurance, as it should be.

Please click here to read more about breast reconstruction.
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